June 22, 2024

Greenland warmer than usual in September |  free press

Greenland warmer than usual in September | free press

When you think of Greenland, images of glaciers and ice floes come to mind. In fact, temperatures there in September rose by more than eight degrees in some cases.


According to official information, it was more than eight degrees warmer in some places in Greenland in September 2022 than the multi-year average for that month. “It’s been unusually warm in Greenland, and most of the region has seen its warmest September since 1979,” climate researcher Freya Famburg of the European Union’s climate change service Copernicus said on Thursday.

Globally, the average temperature was about 0.3 degrees above average. The reference period is from 1991 to 2020. Besides September 2016, this year’s September was the fourth warmest recorded so far. In Europe, on the other hand, temperatures were slightly below average.

In Antarctica, the amount of sea ice in September was 3 percent below average. This is among the five lowest readings for September. In several months of this year, a record low expansion was observed.

The European Union’s Climate Change Service uses satellites, ships, planes and weather stations around the world to make its measurements and assessments. Data on temperatures, sea ice cover and other aspects are published monthly using computer analysis. (dpa)

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