May 22, 2024

Great Britain: Celebrity Big Brother: Princess Kate's uncle has been dumped

Princess Kate's uncle quit the British TV show “Celebrity Big Brother” after just a few days. Gary Goldsmith was first out of the house in Friday evening's round. She told ITV she had a great time, adding that a project like this was really out of her comfort zone. Goldsmith is the younger brother of Kate's mother, Carole Middleton.

He only cautiously commented on the show about his daughter-in-law's health. An interviewer asks, “Where's Kate?” When asked, Goldsmith replied that he could not say anything for reasons of etiquette. But he assured her that she had spoken to her mother, her sister: “She's getting the best treatment in the world.”

Kate arrived at the hospital in mid-January for a planned operation. Daughter-in-law of King Charles III. And the wife of the heir to the throne, Prince William, underwent abdominal surgery. He is currently recovering at home.

The palace announced that he would not attend any meetings until after Easter. Despite the urgent demand to maintain notice and privacy, there were rumors and conspiracy theories. Goldsmith's interlocutor on the show insisted Kate would return, saying: “She will come back, of course she will.”

This is not the first time a member of the British royal family has participated in a television show. In 2022, Mike Tyndall competed in the British Forest Camp – he's Zara Tyndall's husband. She is Princess Anne's daughter and therefore William's cousin in the line of succession.

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