February 29, 2024

Great Britain: British Prime Minister Chung earned 2.2 million pounds

ARCHIVE – Great Britain's Prime Minister Rishi Sunak speaks to reporters during a visit to Houghton Academy. Photo: Ian Forsyth/Pool Getty Images Europe/AP/dpa


British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak recently earned more than £2.2m (€2.58m) a year and paid £500,000 in tax on it. This emerged from the tax bill for the 2022/23 financial year (April 5) released by the Conservative politician on Friday. The Daily Mirror newspaper reported that his earnings had increased by around £300,000 on the previous year.

According to a letter from his tax advisers, Sunak received £84,000 in per diems for his parliamentary mandate and £55,358 in salary as a member of the government. By far the largest share was generated by capital gains from investment funds: Sunak received almost £1.8m here. There was another £300,000 in dividends and interest.

The former investment banker is considered the richest prime minister in British history. As of early October 2023, the Sunday Times newspaper estimated that the 43-year-old and his wife Akshata Murthy's assets totaled £529 million. But that's mostly because of Murthy: He owns a one percent stake in Infosys, the Indian IT company his father co-founded. Sunak has repeatedly come under fire for his wife's financial interests because, among other things, she did not disclose her stake in a company that benefited from state funding.

The prime minister's wealth always plays a role in the political debate. The couple, who have two daughters, own a listed home in Sunak's northern England constituency of Richmond, two homes in posh west London and a home in Santa Monica, California.

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