December 4, 2023

Graphics driver to display Alan Wake 2 technology

from Sven Beaudoin
Nvidia has now released the latest version of the Geforce Game Ready Driver and is making its own graphics driver with version 545.92 WHQL ready to showcase the technology Alan Wake 2. The survival horror game developed by Finnish developer Remedy Entertainment has already put the technology to the test with its lavish features. The graphics from PCGH shine and it’s released today exclusively on the Epic Games Store for €50.

Nvidia now has its latest Geforce game driver ready Geforce has released its graphics driver with version 545.92 WHQL and is now ready for use in the survival horror game Alan Wake 2, developed by Finnish development studio Remedy Entertainment and distributed by Epic Games. The technology demo has already been included in the PCGH technology test and stands out for its lavish graphical qualities, including advanced path tracing and brilliance, and is a real hardware hog.