February 25, 2024

Google will soon integrate chatbot AI into Google Messages

Gemini is on the rise, and Google AI is making its way to Android devices.

It won't happen anymore like Bard, even if that can still be seen in screenshots today. Instead, Google will soon bring Gemini, including its Android app, to our Android devices. There are also plans to integrate Gemini, since it's currently primarily a chatbot, into Google's Messages app.

I find that having access to the chatbot via a chat app is a very good option and the development is currently making further progress, according to reports AssembleDebug. It was recently discovered that Gemini now also has a Google Messages profile page. There is a comprehensive explanation of what generative AI is and what it is used for in “AI News”.

There's no known date yet for when the AI ​​chatbot will launch in Google Messages, but it will likely happen in the first half of the year. Basically, if the plan goes ahead, Gemini will start in the sixth week. Then there's the Gemini app for Android including its own Gemini app, but not for German users yet.

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