“Going on vacation is illegal”

W.When the Secretary of Health booked his summer vacation in Cornwall, many Brits believed that one could look forward to a vacation trip. But statements by the government soon faded the anticipation for the long-awaited change. Transportation Secretary Grant Shaps said people shouldn’t be booking holidays right now – “neither at home, not outside.”

At a press conference, Prime Minister Boris Johnson called for an understanding that the government simply cannot make any forecasts at the moment. He joined the Minister of Health on Thursday. Matt Hancock has said that it is simply “too early” to plan any summer. He himself booked his vacation last year when things looked different.

No more hopes with deadlines

More and more British people are asking. “What is the point of a world-class vaccination program if it does not lead to an easing of restrictions?” A former foreign minister was asked in the Daily Telegraph. One in four adults have now been vaccinated with the first dose, but the government is announcing stricter measures every day. On Thursday, all parents with a garden or balcony were asked to keep their kids off the playground. In previous days, the government had increased the travel ban, with new quarantine rules and strict threats of punishment. Johnson summed it up in a great sentence: “Going on vacation is illegal.”

The government has learned from bad experiences and has moved on not raising hopes for deadlines. Questions about when the strict travel restrictions will be lifted or when schools will reopen are answered with empty words that this “depends on the state of the data”. Ministers are now allowed to suffice with the phrase that often upsets politicians: “I don’t know.” The only date the British can look forward to is February 22nd. Johnson wants to finish evaluating his first vaccination results and provide a timeline for a return to normal.

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