December 4, 2023

Fiona: The loneliest sheep in all of Britain

Fiona is taken to a new home


The A lonely life Now closed Conclusion: A GoatsMaybe lived alone on a cliff in Great Britain for years was released was The animal attached itself a long time ago A steep coast in the Scottish Highlands lost The thick ball of wool can only be found from the sea: two years ago a kayaker spotted it standing tall. Two years later, the woman drove her boat back — again The goats stood there.

Many wanted to save Fiona

Many people liked Fiona thenCalled the sheep, Recovery: 55,000 signatures collected. But the The recovery was not so easy. A goat shearer and some volunteers went to see Fiona. They had to Push the sheep up the hill. No one was allowed to slip, otherwise sheep and people would have fallen down the steep cliffs. But the rescue was successful and Fiona was brought to safety. She will now A very special house Scottish Animal Welfare Society said.

With the rescue, the cutter wanted to show off That farmers More about the fate of their animals take care There were a lot of bad reports on the internet about some farmers not caring about their animals.

Fiona had enough to eat

By: Fiona had enough food in her lonely place: she had More kilos in long fur and ribs than necessary.

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