March 1, 2024

Germany wants Britons to be quarantined for every holiday in the EU, even if they have been vaccinated twice

Germany wants Britons to be quarantined for every holiday in the EU, even if they have been vaccinated twice

Chancellor Angela Merkel is pushing for Europe-wide governance with the support of France (Image: Getty/PA/EPA)

Today, Germany and France will attempt to impose a mandatory two-week quarantine on all British tourists traveling to the European Union.

Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron He made another attempt to introduce a pan-European system for residents of the United Kingdom traveling to any country in the bloc.

Under the proposed plans, vacationers who have been fully vaccinated will have to self-isolate for 14 days upon arrival.

Ms Merkel is pushing for the UK to be classified as a “country of concern” amid increasing cases of the highly transmissible delta variant that has spread across the country.

However, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus and Malta must strive to challenge a blanket rule and implement their border policy. times.

As of Thursday, Malta, Gibraltar, Iceland and the Faroe Islands are the only European destinations on the UK government’s “green list”.

The Balearic Islands of Ibiza, Mallorca and Menorca, as well as the Portuguese islands of Madeira, have been added to the “Green Watch List”.

However, if the data changes and infection rates rise, it can be quickly moved to the Amber category.

Germany says the decision is based on an increase in Covid cases – but some see it as more political (Photo:

Prime Minister Boris Johnson (right) greets Chancellor Angela Merkel before a bilateral meeting during the G7 summit in Cornwall.
Boris Johnson will try to persuade Merkel to withdraw on Friday (Photo: Palestinian Authority)
Merkel: If you come from Great Britain, you should be in quarantine

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Several countries have already put in place their own guidelines, with Portugal introducing a 14-day quarantine period for unvaccinated British tourists arriving on the mainland.

From today, Britons must show proof of full vaccination at least two weeks in advance to avoid self-isolation. The new rules apply at least until July 11th.

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Meanwhile, just hours after Malta was included in the green list, it announced a two-week quarantine for unvaccinated British holidaymakers.

A British government source told The Times that Merkel appeared to be “increasingly isolated” in her pan-European presentation, adding that “many countries will think this is their own decision and not one that will be decided in Berlin”.

Boris Johnson will meet Merkel on Friday at Checkers, his Buckinghamshire residence, to persuade her to back off.

Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain - 08/08/2014: Tourists at Cala Compte Beach.  (Photo by Raquel Maria Carbonell Bagula/LightRocket via Getty Images)

The Balearic Islands, including popular tourist attractions in Ibiza, are among the UK’s green list travel destinations (Image: GETTY)

UK vaccine launch.
According to France and Germany’s plans, even vaccinated Britons must be quarantined (Photo:

A spokesperson for No. 10 said the heads of state and government would discuss “the deepening of British-German relations and the global response to the coronavirus pandemic”.

Henry Smith, conservative chairman of the Future Flying Group, considers Germany and France’s efforts “more political” and less dependent on Covid data.

He told The Telegraph: “I think the EU sees trying to prevent the UK from international travel as a competitive advantage for itself, but I think that’s pretty short-sighted.

“Good luck, the Spaniards and the Portuguese have agreed to this because I think they will pay close attention to the needs of their economy.”

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