“Don’t hack McDonald’s restaurants in the capital”

Donald Trump Jr. has been mocked for a bizarre video mocking President Joe Biden for providing Russia with a list of “banned” cyber targets that went viral on Twitter and attracted more than two million views.

In the video, first posted on Rumble, an online platform frequented by Trump supporters, just days after Biden met his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in Geneva, Trump Jr. targets the man who made his father with the Had Party defeat the 2020 election in his favour. hand it over. The list goes up to the Kremlin.

“I don’t think Joe is smart enough to say, ‘Hey, let’s get rid of it — ah, don’t hack McDonald’s in DC,” Trump Jr says.

“I mean, why doesn’t Putin give like, I don’t know, the keys to nuclear football?

“What is the menu? Do not go – safe atmosphere. Two – the works of the hunter. Third – Hunter’s laptop, he says, referring to President Hunter Biden’s son.

Although the video was released earlier this month, it only went viral in the past few days when a 29-second clip was shared on Twitter and attracted more than 2.3 million views.

Hundreds of people also shared the video, and many spoke about Mr Trump Jr.

One social media user claimed, “This is a corrupt brain.”

Another urged Mr Trump Jr. to “seek professional help”.

Others said the video was a reason to avoid Republican elections for office, writing: “These are the conservative people who think he should be the next president. For the sake of our country, you don’t vote for the Republican Party.”

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Conservatives criticized Biden after telling Russia a list of 16 entities identified as “critical infrastructure,” including power and water systems, that he believed should be “closed” to cyberattacks.

Some have suggested that the list send a message that anything outside that list can now be considered a fair target.

This came after Washington imposed sanctions on Moscow in the wake of the Solarwinds attack linked to Russia’s foreign intelligence service SVR and after the United States accused Russia of meddling in the 2020 elections.

During his meeting with Mr. Putin, Biden warned his Russian counterpart about attacks on key infrastructure.

He promised that the United States would respond with its own cyber capabilities if the Kremlin ignored the request.

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