December 8, 2023

Germany star Gosens sounds the alarm: “On a dangerous path”

Robin Goossens sounds the alarm: The German national player is very concerned about the current development of his sport.

The full-back said: “Football in general is currently moving on a very dangerous and not necessarily healthy path.” RND-Interview: “More and more money, more and more commerce. Personally, I want sports to be at the forefront and not turn into commerce. Unfortunately, we may have to come to terms with that to some extent.

Goossens is fully aware that, as a recognized professional, he certainly benefits from the criticized development: “We are very fortunate to participate in the most popular sport in the world, which means sharing a lot of money, which also affects the contraction. But I don’t think I have to apologize for that.” .

With the German national team, Goossens will face the United States of America in the first match for national coach Julian Nagelsmann on Saturday.

The 29-year-old is already excited about the new coach. “You can feel the enthusiasm in him and in Sandro Wagner and Benjamin Gluck as assistant coaches, that they really want to make a difference now,” said the professional from Bundesliga club Union Berlin. “They are very emotional guys and they support the team with their team. You can ignite passion. They did that for me right away.”

Goossens, 29, also praised Nagelsmann’s “outstanding tactical understanding” ahead of the match in Hartford/Connecticut against USA (9pm on LIVETICKER).

The former Bayern coach has “ideas that suit our team”. Goossens himself has big plans for next year’s European Championships: “We want to put a smile on everyone’s face.”

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In the last tournament, he was not nominated by Nagelsmann’s predecessor, Hansi Flick, and his lifelong dream of winning the World Cup was dashed: “I was very disappointed and had the feeling that I had failed.”

This is one of the reasons for his move from Inter Milan to Union Berlin in the summer. “I couldn’t afford another year where I was just a backup player if the European Championships were successful,” Goossens said.

He consciously decided to combine the Bundesliga and the Champions League. “The visibility is different than it is outside. I must have been particularly good or particularly bad abroad to be on the news.

In Germany, “his performances are now viewed and evaluated differently.”