May 27, 2024

Formula 1: Conflict escalates! Verstappen's consequences after Horner's criticism

Now it's getting dirty. Conflicts are not uncommon in Formula 1. A team will use almost any means to gain an advantage over the competition. But the fact that a racing team is threatening to dismantle itself is new.

This is exactly what happens at Red Bull. As a result of the allegations against Christian Horner – of which an internal investigation cleared him – the Formula 1 team split into two camps. It is Max Verstappen's father, of all people, who is now fueling the dispute. Before the next race draws dire consequences.

Formula 1: Verstappen vs Horner

Although he does not hold a position at Red Bull, Jos Verstappen is present at every race. Sure, he wants to see his son win. While offspring Max has so far stayed out of the entire Horner affair, Gus has long been rumored to be involved in exposing Horner's alleged misconduct.

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It was said that he belongs to the party that Horner wants to get rid of. Then, after Max's opening win in Bahrain, Verstappen Sr. suddenly opposed the team boss publicly. “The team is in danger of being torn apart. It can't go on like this, it will explode,” the former Formula 1 driver told the Daily Mail.

It was clear to him that Horner had to go. He is trying to play the victim, “even though he is the one causing the problems,” stressed José Verstappen, who was seeking an open escalation.

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The decision has been made

After these statements it should be clear that the mood could really explode if the two rivals meet in the ring. But that will not happen at the present time, according to what was reported by “ESPN”.

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Sources confirmed to the radio that the Dutchman decided not to participate in the upcoming Grand Prix in Saudi Arabia due to tensions! Therefore, direct confrontation is not on the table at the moment, but the tensions are not over yet.

Formula 1: Pressure on Verstappen

But another development is underway: Max Verstappen is now stuck between two chairs. So far he has stayed away from it all, but there will likely come a point when he has to choose between being a father or being team president for a long time. According to ESPN, this feeling has been growing within the team for a long time. It could lead to the next big bang.