May 22, 2024

Florian Anheuser moderates with reading glasses

Everyone who saw the main edition of the magazine “Tagesschau” on Friday evening was surprised for the first time by an insert from Florian Anheuser. The SRF presenter showed himself wearing reading glasses. On second glance, the observer also noticed that the studio looked somewhat different.

Anhouser immediately called a spade a spade and said, “First of all, this is a camera angle that you're not used to and it's a presenter with reading glasses on his nose.” The “Tagesschau” presenter explained that there were several reasons for the changes. However, this can be summarized as follows: “Technology does not work the way we want it to.”

According to Anheuser, the major defect had an impact on the large screen you normally see behind it. The teleprompter from which he read the texts of the presentation did not work either. Many planned live broadcasts could not be carried out.

“The show will be bumpy, a lot can be said,” Anheuser immediately confirmed. “But the team in the background will do everything in their power to ensure that the bumps are not too severe.”

The supervisor then cleared his throat and began reading from the A4 pages in front of him. The papers were considered an alternative to the teleprompter for the Friday evening broadcast.

Anheuser worked his way through the program brilliantly, but ultimately confirmed his assumption that it was a “very bumpy” program. “A lot of things stand still in the Tagesschau when technology doesn't want them to,” he said and apologized to viewers.

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