October 5, 2023

More than 40 degrees - 360 deaths due to heat within a week in Spain - News

More than 40 degrees – 360 deaths due to heat within a week in Spain – News

  • Since last Sunday, at least 360 people have died in the heat wave in Spain, where temperatures topped 40 degrees Celsius. This was reported by the newspaper “La Vanguardia”, citing the Carlos III State Health Institute. in Madrid.
  • Most of the deceased were elderly or had pre-existing diseases.
  • The heat affects not only Spain, but large parts of southern Europe. Firefighting teams in many countries are working to fight many fires.

In Spain, La Vanguardia wrote, the number of people dying as a result of the heat is increasing day by day. And 15 deaths were recorded on the first day and 123 on Friday when temperatures rose to 45 degrees.

In most cases, the deceased are people who were already weakened by their advanced age or previous illness. But on Friday, a 60-year-old street cleaner suddenly collapsed. Emergency physicians measured a body temperature of 41.6 degrees. The man was taken to the hospital, but died there.

More than 230 people were also killed in Portugal

Portugal is also experiencing a heat wave. Between July 7 and July 13, 238 more deaths were counted than similar periods in previous years, Lusa news agency reported. These deaths will be attributed to the extreme heat.

Great Britain expects a record temperature

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Given the record temperatures expected in Britain, the National Crisis Team (Cobra) met on Saturday. The British Met Office had previously issued a red weather warning for parts of the country due to the first warmer temperatures.

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Temperatures are expected to reach 40 degrees in large parts of England between London and Manchester on Monday and Tuesday next week. The previous temperature was 38.7 degrees and was measured in Cambridge in 2019.

The UKHSA has warned of the health risks – even for healthy, fit people. It’s important to drink enough and seek shade, especially between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., when UV rays are at their highest. London Mayor Sadiq Khan has announced that he will provide additional assistance to the homeless. Transport for London has called for travel only when absolutely necessary at the start of the week.

Southern Europe fights fires

The coming days promise some relief when temperatures are expected to dip below 40 degrees in many places. The heat and prolonged drought have also caused many devastating wildfires in Spain, Portugal and other countries in southern Europe.

in Spain A total of 33 forest fires were recorded Saturday morning, 14 of them out of control. Near Málaga, 2,300 people had to leave their homes due to the approach of the flames, El Pais reported.

in Italia Due to the severe drought, firefighting teams are battling forest and bush fires across the country, as well as in Sicily and Sardinia. In the northern Italian seaside resort of Bibione, many tourists have fled to the sea due to a forest fire. They had to be rescued, according to the Coast Guard.

in Portugal There are 13 larger fires and dozens of smaller fires currently raging, according to the Civil Defense. During the firefighting work in the Torre di Moncorvo region, a firefighting plane crashed and the pilot died.

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in France, on the French Atlantic coast south of Bordeaux, after days of firefighting, there is hope that one of two major forest fires will subside. The scorched area in Test du Buch did not increase overnight, according to authorities. However, the fire has not yet been brought under control. The situation is different with the second major forest fire in the region. The fire in Landeras burned another 1,000 hectares of land overnight.


A forest fire near Landeras, France. (Registered July 16, 2022)

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Nothing is clear in either of them Greece: The great forest fire that broke out in Crete on Friday and was at the same time considered controlled, erupted again on Saturday afternoon. Strong winds sparked flames near the village of Agios Vasilios, south of the coastal city of Rethymnon. The homes had to be evacuated again, Greek media reported. Another fire broke out on the island of Crete near the port city of Heraklion on Saturday.