February 25, 2024

First “hybrid” school to open in England in 2024

The first “hybrid” school in the UK is set to open in September 2024, combining traditional face-to-face teaching with home teaching.

Duke's School of Education expects students to attend in-person classes at least one day a week, with the rest of the week devoted to online lessons. The initiative aims to address the problem of absenteeism that has increased during the pandemic.

Covering education up to sixth form, the school provides an alternative to traditional education for children who are nervous or do not have suitable local schools. The “hybrid” learning model offers four online lessons per week and two independent learning sessions per day.

The aim of the school is to provide the option of education across Europe, with families willing to travel long distances to provide their children with this type of education. Annual school fees do not exceed 4,000 pounds (around 4,600 euros).

The hybrid model has the potential to address the growing problem of absenteeism, which is being exacerbated by the pandemic, a school representative said. Additionally, studies show that mixed-race students often achieve better academic results, in part because of their focus and independence.

Dukes Education already runs more than 25 schools and colleges across the UK and Europe, and this hybrid model has the potential to expand to everyone. This approach is expected to transform education and provide an alternative for those for whom traditional models do not fit.

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