June 20, 2024

Afghanistan.  Germany plans to withdraw its forces by July 4

Afghanistan. Germany plans to withdraw its forces by July 4

Oh The US military is expected to leave the Afghan border by 11 September.

An AFP spokesman said, “At this stage, the responses (…) aim to shorten the expected withdrawal period on July 4,” stressing that the final decision will be on NATO.

The allied allies of the Atlantic Alliance announced last Wednesday their decision to withdraw their forces from a trip to Afghanistan by May 1 and end the withdrawal “within a few months.”

NATO’s decision comes after US President Joe Biden announced the withdrawal of all US forces from Afghanistan by the twentieth anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States that led to the US intervention.

Biden stressed that the United States “served its purpose” in Afghanistan, and urged the Taliban to maintain its “determination” not to threaten the Americans.

A spokesman for the German Defense Ministry said: “Berlin is ready for this event,” but said: “We now have a difficult logistical mission.

The United States, Germany, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and Italy are the countries that are most involved in Afghanistan. Of the 9,592 soldiers deployed by 36 NATO members, 6,000 are allies such as Ukraine (10 soldiers) in Operation Consolidated Support.

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