May 23, 2024

Journey back to the United States later: Prince Harry stays in Great Britain

Journey back to the United States later: Prince Harry stays in Great Britain

Return to the United States at a later time
Prince Harry stays in the UK

Prince Harry travels to his old home to attend his grandfather’s funeral. After that, it was speculated for several days if he would return to the United States before his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday. It is now clear that it will stay a little longer.

Last weekend, Prince Harry flew to London from Los Angeles to attend the funeral of his grandfather Prince Philip. It was initially said that he would return to the US at the start of the week to be with his pregnant wife Megan again. He even missed the 95th birthday of his grandmother, newly widowed Queen Elizabeth. But now it looks like it will stay longer.

Harry landed at Heathrow Airport on Sunday and has lived in Frogmore Cottage, his former home in his old home, ever since. And as the sources were said to have informed the British newspaper “Evening Standard”, the former king only wants to go home when his pregnant wife really needs him, because she has a “top priority”. The fact that Harry would stay in Great Britain for a while came as a surprise to many, as it was previously assumed that he would leave immediately after his grandfather’s funeral.

Perhaps Harry would like to be there tomorrow, Wednesday, for the Queen’s 95th birthday. This also provides ample opportunity to improve the tense relationship between him and his brother William and father Charles, which resulted from the interview with Oprah Winfrey. The Daily Mail reported that Harry had a one-on-one conversation with his father after the funeral.

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