December 8, 2023

End-of-Season Balance – Baseball’s Strengthening After Rules Change – Sports

Balance sheet at the end of the season – Baseball boost after rule change – Sports – SRF

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Shorter games and more spectators: The “pitch clock,” initially accepted with skepticism, pushed baseball forward.


Record a draw

Marcell Ozuna hits a two-run home run in the final game of the regular season. The Atlanta Braves have hit 307 home runs this season and tied the major league record set by the Minnesota Twins in 2019.

imago/USA Today Network

The 2,430 regular season games (162 per team) in Major League Baseball (MLB) end Tuesday with a supplemental game, the first since the introduction of the “pitch clock” (time limit for pitchers).

In the eyes of traditionalists, the rule change achieved much, according to supporters. The average game duration decreased by 24 minutes to 2:42 hours, the shortest value of this millennium.

Significantly more audience

According to the sports broadcaster, this is what they want espn Many other values ​​have increased significantly that make the sport more interesting to the public: more hits, more points per game, and more attempts to “steal” the bases behind the pitcher’s back.

Especially important for the league: The number of spectators in stadiums rose by more than 9 percent, the largest increase in 30 years.

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