September 30, 2023

Election of party leader - race to succeed Johnson - in front of TV audience - news

Election of party leader – race to succeed Johnson – in front of TV audience – news


The five candidates for Boris Johnson’s successor presented themselves to the public – in two televised debates.

The television debate began Friday night on Channel 4 with a surprising question from the presenter. Is Boris Johnson an honest man? “Once in a while” is the answer one hears. It was not an easy time. “Yes and no,” says former Treasury Secretary Rishi Sunak. Dismissing your former boss and thus disqualifying yourself is not easy. But then the hesitation ended.


Hands up: Rishi Sunak, Liz Truss, Kimi Badenoch, Tom Tugendhat and Benny Mordaunt (from left) During a Sunday night television debate on ITV, a similar tour was broadcast on Channel 4 Friday night. Another is scheduled for Tuesday on Sky News. At the end of the week, it should be clear who is on the Tory two-way card.

stone key

Secretary of State Liz Truss accused the former Treasury secretary of having a socialist tax policy. It’s his fault that residents have the highest tax burden in 70 years. “I would say we are eliminating this tax and that. But that is not the way things work. You cannot manage a national budget with a credit card and simply accumulate debt.” who – which Be a socialist.

Gender change as a campaign issue

Despite the heat wave, climate change was not an issue. took the question “What is a woman?” Amazing time. Two years ago, Commerce Secretary Penny Mordaunt announced in Parliament that transgender women are also women. Meanwhile, she backed down in order to improve her chances of being elected by the conservative public.

Transgender women will never be like me, specifically a biological woman.

“I realize there are people who are born with male bodies but feel like a woman,” she said. “But even if their status as a woman was recognized by law, they would never be like me, a biological woman.” A school principal among the audience returned the nominees to the floor after 34 minutes. “Most high school students in northern England have never seen a doctor or dentist in their lives,” she said.

The gap between the rich and the poor has widened rapidly in recent years. “Being poor is no longer an exception, it is the new normal.” It has only been deteriorating for years.

She wanted to know what was really going on here. The men and women in the studio nodded anxiously and smiled nervously. The Conservatives have been in power for 12 years and have no one else to blame for their misery. Matters wars now: “Labour will happily have this balance sheet around our ears at the next election.”

Dirty game continues

“We finally have to put the best people on, restore our credibility and remove the clutter,” he warned. The talk is easy, said former Equal Opportunity Minister Kimi Badenouch. Anyone who has not been a minister has no idea what the government is doing. This toxic response is symptomatic.

We must finally recruit the best people, restore our credibility, and clean up the mess.

Because the race to succeed Johnson has long escalated into a personal mud battle. In some papers, Mordaunt is described as an inept wind vane, Gears as an economically uninitiated, Sunak as a snake or mouse.

For journalists and fans of political drama, the coming weeks could be fun, when the last two candidates have to present themselves to the party base across the country. For the ruling Conservative Party, on the other hand, it is a shameful tragedy.

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