June 23, 2024

€25,000 Help to start a business for Web3 Ideas and Web3 Developers

€25,000 Help to start a business for Web3 Ideas and Web3 Developers

Under the umbrella of Validvent Ventures GmbH, which is currently being established, Block and Start brings creative minds into web 3Environmental support. The minds behind Block and Start are George Bramechober (Head of Block and Start), Sofia Surma (Head of Block & Wine), Robby Schwertner (Head of Growth), Enea Alena Kiefer (Program Coordinator) and Clemence Otto (Co-Founder).

The strength of the Block and Start team lies in the design, support and further development of viable Web3 business ideas. Business sponsors want to pass the Block and Start Competition. Vienna Collect project ideas and support the best of them with up to €25,000. In addition to this direct investment, further support measures such as workshops on business modeling as well as sponsorship of packages and network partnerships with the Block & Wine network are planned.

Georg Brameshuber explains the focus on Web3 for Cointelegraph in German with the importance of the region: “Web3 will revolutionize not only the digital world, but also our society. Web3 presents many opportunities and opportunities to help shape and develop new business models especially for startups. We want to support startups and teams. With Web3 ideas to implement it.”

Block & Wine Theme Partner is a networking event hosted by the Austrian blockchain community at the heart of Vienna’s tech scene. Block & Wine Meetups aren’t just for contestants, but are open to anyone interested in crypto and blockchain.

Sofia Surma explains to Cointelegraph which Web3 applications are specifically future-oriented and promising: “From metaverse above NFTs To create games and content. That’s why we’re really excited about the ideas. Personally, I find the field of digital identity, for example, very exciting. As more and more processes affecting our daily lives are becoming digital and at the same time cybercrime is on the rise, it is clear that we need to protect ourselves online accordingly.” In addition, according to the head of Block & Wine, there has also been a growing awareness of data protection. and privacy in recent years.This provides space for new ideas in a wide range of applications.

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Submit Web3 projects and win funding

about project platform From Block and Start, interested individuals or teams can apply for funding. In addition to describing the business idea or business model, you must also introduce the current development team or contributor to the idea. If available, further details about the project should be added such as any prototypes, press reports or funding rounds.

An accurate list of requirements is Application page Refers to. Projects from subject areas such as Web3, Metaverse, NFT, Blockchain, Cyber ​​Security, and Identity (SSI) are accepted. To apply, it is not strictly necessary to be a startup, company or team that already exists for the project.

For now, the app is limited to the Central and Eastern European region. The competition is open to all startups, but “in the first step we focus on the Central and Eastern Europe region, because we see a lot of potential there and we already have a good network,” says George Bramechober. In the first competition, the organizers want to submit about 5-10 startups in a stage. After that, more competitions are planned.

A specific business idea from the identified subject areas is sufficient to apply for funding with a project description. Project applications must be submitted by 4 December 2022 at the latest.