December 5, 2023

Donald Trump and his passion for golf

Donald J. Trump, the former and perhaps future President of the United States, is known not only for his distinguished political career and business tactics, but also for his passion for golf. Trump played golf regularly during his presidency and also owns several famous golf courses around the world. Although he criticized his predecessor Barack Obama for spending too much time playing golf, Trump himself played golf 11 times in his first eight weeks as president.

Trump discovered his love for golf at an early age. He began developing golf courses in the 1990s and eventually purchased several leading golf resorts in the United States and abroad. His most famous golf courses include Trump National Doral in Florida, Trump International Golf Links in Scotland, and Trump Turnberry Resort, which is also located in Scotland. This caused some protests in Scotland.

Turnberry. Photo: Public Relations

As a businessman, Donald Trump has used golf to promote the “Trump” brand name and expand his real estate empire. The competitive position of its golf courses as exclusive destinations for wealthy golfers helped transform them into major championship courses. Some PGA and LPGA events were even played at some of Trump’s golf courses. By the way, the PGA can be broadcast on Sky; Which streaming providers offer which sports ExpressVPN I searched.

Donald Trump Golf
There is also a book about Donald Trump’s passion for golf.

Even during his presidency, Donald Trump played golf regularly and frequently. Critics therefore accused him of spending too much time on the golf course and neglecting political duties. On the other hand, Trump defended himself and explained that golf was a way for him to relieve stress, make decisions, and meet with senators and congressmen. Playing golf seems to be a White House tradition. Both Barack Obama and George W. Bush are fans of the sport and played regularly in their time.

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A controversial relationship

However, as for most of his life, Donald Trump’s relationship with golf has not always been without controversy. Especially after his entry into active politics, some golf associations and players expressed concerns about his political views and controversial public statements. Sponsors have boycotted some golf tournaments because they do not want to support Trump’s political position. However, Trump remained loyal to the game of golf and continued his passion for the sport. In 2019, Tiger Woods, arguably the best golfer in the world, was awarded the Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian award in the United States.

Controversies aside, Donald Trump has undoubtedly left a lasting impression on the game of golf. His golf courses are among the best in the world and have won numerous awards, and he has made golf even more popular through his presence and efforts in promoting major tournaments.