December 4, 2023

Do you have experience with Johnson & Fischer Solicitors in the UK? Is a scam?

Make sure you get it Johnson & Fisher UK law firm ( Actually dealing with a real law firm. I have reasonable doubts. I have had negative experiences.

Apparently, the UK law firm Johnson & Fisher ( even sends official-looking government documents. It is about paying back money that was thought to have been lost. But this reminds me of scams that can be described as refund scams.

Beware of identity theft: There may be a real law firm with a similar name. The suspected fraudsters then intentionally and illegally used this real name of a reputable law firm!

Have you lost money through Johnson & Fischer Solicitors UK (

I am the site operator

And know the zodiac signs where scams are disguised as real law firms. These questionable people are very interested in maintaining the appearance of seriousness – and making money.

Do not pay anything to Johnson & Fischer Solicitors UK ( Write me a short email if these “lawyers” contact you. You will receive one from me The initial evaluation is free.

  1. Do not blindly believe any correspondence sent to you from Johnson & Fischer Solicitors UK (
  2. If Johnson & Fischer Solicitors UK ( tells you that your capital has been ‘found’, you should be careful.
  3. Do not sign contracts that you do not understand.
  4. Discuss your investment fraud case with a real German lawyer, not with shady providers who may not be a real law firm.

Real experiences with Johnson & Fischer Solicitors UK ( What do these so-called fake solicitors do?

An investor contacted me because he received an ominous email. In the email received, Lena Fisher, the supposed founder and supposed “chief attorney” of It appears to be the law firm Johnson & Fisher in Englandan investor aggrieved that she had been given permission by HMRC to look after his personal affairs.

The purpose of her email is that she received a portfolio on behalf of the investor consisting of capital gains derived from his investment in an unregulated UK trading platform.

It is noted that Unregulated trading platformwhich the investor traded, was allegedly banned by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and the Treasury (HMRC) for illegal activities in breach of the FCA Rules and Section 4 of UK Rule 75 (see: FCA fraud).

UK law firm Johnson & Fisher ( promises to pay huge compensation for stranded assets?

The authorities allegedly blocked and confiscated the capital. All accounts and wallets created will be transferred to the wallet holder in accordance with UK laws and regulations. At least that’s what UK law firm Johnson & Fisher ( promises.

The investor is encouraged to contact as soon as possible so that the company can provide further details and assist in paying/reporting taxes and reclaiming capital gains/funds.

Another experience report! Is Johnson & Fischer Solicitors UK ( a scam and a refund scam?

I received another message from someone. A few weeks ago the infected person received some Emails from Johnson & Fisher UK law firm ( should be forwarded to me for review.

In the course of this email correspondence, more and more doubts were raised about the seriousness of the sender, and the person concerned feared that he had been taken over by a fraudster. It understands that information that has already been shared may now have fallen into the hands of scammers and could be used for abusive purposes.

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Of particular concern is the latest email, which supposedly came from an address with HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs) Received in UK local language (see: HMRC Mail Scam). The person concerned is now unsure how to deal with this and is asking for advice. I advised her not to trust Johnson & Fischer Solicitors UK (