June 23, 2024

Diana's close friend: Charles will not become king after the Queen's death

Diana’s close friend: Charles will not become king after the Queen’s death

Who will become king after the death of Queen Elizabeth II (94)? The succession sequence dictates the following: their eldest son, Charles, becomes their successor and king of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. But what if Charles surrendered the throne?

Charles is the oldest heir to the throne in history – will he never become king?

For years, there have been rumors in the British media about the possible withdrawal of Charles from the throne – in favor of his son William, who is popular with the public. The Prince of Wales, at the age of 72, is considered the oldest “heir” (heir) in the history of the British monarchy.

The order of the British heirs to the throne at a glance ...

Succession to the Throne in England: Has the Last Majest changed the Order?


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Historically, the British monarch has died on the throne. Therefore, an early abdication of the Queen is unlikely. The heir to the throne is also passed over and his most famous son becomes king. William will not move to the top of the succession hierarchy until after his father’s death!

Diana’s former butler thinks: “Charles will abdicate”

But of all people, Diana’s former butler believes Charles will never become king. The reason: the racism scandal raised by Harry and Meghan during an Oprah interview. “If the Queen dies, Charles will do the right thing and say, ‘I’m too old to take this responsibility,” says Paul Borrell, a longtime confidant of Diana, in the British Star. To him and they believe that he is a racist. It’s out of control! ”

Prince Charles is said to feel about Harry and Meghan "let down".

Allegations of Racism: Prince Charles is “disappointed” by Meghan and Harry


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Borrell wants “the younger royal couple – beauties Catherine and William. I think that’s the way forward for the royal family.”

Succession Statement: Camilla refers to the reign of Charles

Although Prince Charles has never issued an official statement, Duchess Camilla reportedly told an employee during a visit to an ASDA supermarket chain distribution center in the summer of 2020 that her husband would not retire. The decision to extend the succession to the throne! So Charles does not want to abdicate in favor of Prince William. After all, wait seven decades for this …