October 3, 2023

Dispute escalates over submarines: France summons the ambassadors of the United States and Australia

Dispute escalates over submarines: France summons the ambassadors of the United States and Australia

The escalation of the dispute over submarines

France summons the ambassadors of the United States and Australia

The US and UK want to help Australia build nuclear-powered submarines. China is supposed to be under pressure in the region. Thus, France avoids a multi-billion dollar submarine deal. The country has been ignored and recalls the ambassadors of the United States and Australia.

France has recalled its ambassadors from the United States and Australia to consult on the dispute over a new security alliance between the Indo-Pacific. Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian justified the “exceptional decision” in a statement on Friday by saying that Washington and Canberra’s statements were “extremely dangerous”. He said that the extraordinary step is being carried out at the request of President Emmanuel Macron. Because of the new security alliance, Australia abruptly canceled the purchase of French submarines that had been negotiated for years.

With their new security agreement in the Indo-Pacific, the USA, Great Britain and Australia sent a clear signal to China only a few days ago, but it also upset the allies. The plan includes helping Australia build nuclear-powered submarines. China, which is facing international criticism for its growing claim to power in the region, sees itself as being provoked by the Triple Alliance.

France was furious, as its multibillion dollar submarine deal with Australia may have exploded as a result. For the French, the new agreement means the loss of an agreement worth 56 billion euros. In 2016, Australia signed a multi-billion dollar contract with France to build 12 new submarines. “I’m angry. You don’t do it between allies,” French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said after the security pact with its implications was announced. He spoke of a “biased, brutal and unpredictable decision”. You look very similar to former US President Donald Trump. The trust relationship with Australia was betrayed.

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US spokeswoman: We understand France’s position

After summoning the ambassadors, the United States has now responded. A spokeswoman for the US government’s National Security Council, Emily Horne, said the French partners were in close contact with the decision to recall the ambassador back to Paris for consultation. “We understand their position and will continue to work in the coming days to resolve our differences – just as we have done at other times in our long alliance.” France is the United States’ oldest ally and one of its strongest partners.