June 20, 2024

Deutsche Telekom exceeds expectations

Deutsche Telekom exceeds expectations

Deutsche Telekom has grown significantly in 2021 and continues to benefit from its US subsidiary T-Mobile we. For the current year, Telekom’s president, Tim Höttges, wants to raise the bar a bit. Sales increased 7.7 percent to 108.8 billion euros in 2021 compared to the previous year, DAX announced Thursday in Bonn. The Boone-based company made two-thirds of this in the US, where sales were up twice as fast as group-wide sales.

The company summarized, “The merger with Sprint is paying off.” T-Mobile we. From synergy in sales and network department T-Mobile $3.8 billion after merging with a smaller competitor last year. In the current year, the effects are expected to increase to $5.3 billion, thus exceeding merger costs over the course of the year.

The strong business in the United States is also reflected in the number of customers from Boone: after deducting terminations, the group was able to gain 7.1 million new contract customers worldwide, more than two-thirds of which were added in the United States.

Operating profit before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization including leasing expenses (via Ebitda AL), adjusted for special effects, increased 6.6 percent to €37.3 billion in 2021. For the current year, CEO Tim Höttges aims to have about 36.5 billion euros.

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