July 14, 2024

Democrats criticize Joe Biden’s immigration policy

Democrats criticize Joe Biden’s immigration policy

Men arrested crossing the border wall into Mexico take off their backpacks before entering a reception center.
Image: dpa

In fact, it was Republicans who criticized Biden’s border policy. But now more and more democratic cities are bemoaning the influx of immigrants.

ENew York Mayor Eric Adams’ most powerful speech at a town hall meeting in Manhattan last week: “This problem will destroy New York.” Adams spoke of the roughly 110,000 asylum seekers who have crossed the southern border. USA and from there reached New York City last year.

Sophia Dreisbach

North American political reporter based in Washington.

The Democratic mayor has been criticizing the White House for months for not releasing more federal funds for support. He is demanding special regulations for temporary work permits. But the tone reached a new intensity when Adams said the problem was “not over.”

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