February 24, 2024

D-AIMH: Lufthansa has recovered its sixth Airbus A380 aircraft

In total, the German airline will once again fly eight jumbo jets. Lufthansa has now brought back the sixth Airbus A380 aircraft. It’s called New York.

By mid-November, all eyes were on Emirates. The largest operator presented the XL aircraft at the Dubai Air Show. There it also explained on November 15 how it wants to keep its Airbus A380 aircraft – of which it currently has 116 – serviceable until 2040.

Another giant aircraft was also active on that exact day, for the first time in two years and two months. Lufthansa flew the Airbus A380 with registration D-AIMH from the Spanish apron in Teruel to Frankfurt, where it is now being maintained.

Number six of eight is back

The 13-year-old quadcopter took 2 hours and 15 minutes to complete the route. This is the sixth of eight A380 aircraft that Lufthansa will return to service. Four of them are already active again in regular service: D-AIMK, D-AIMM, D-AIML and D-AIMN.

The fifth aircraft, D-AIMC, is undergoing major maintenance in Manila. D-AIMH will likely follow there. Both aircraft are scheduled to return to service in 2024. This will be followed by D-AIMA and D-AIMB, which, according to Lufthansa, will be “integrated into the fleet between 2024 and 2025.” The airline sold another six A380 aircraft to Airbus.

New York should remain New York

Unlike some of the German airline’s other Airbus A380s, the D-AIMH will likely be able to retain its name. This is New York. No other aircraft in the Lufthansa fleet has assumed duties at this time.

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