September 30, 2023

Computer problem in air traffic control: Airlines are canceling flights in large quantities to and from the UK

British Air Traffic Control is experiencing serious computer problems. As a result, air traffic to and from the island was restricted. This also applies to Lufthansa Airlines, Swiss Airlines and Austrian Airlines.

In the morning, Loganair was the first to report problems. The Scottish airline announced that there was a “network-wide failure in UK air traffic control computer systems”. At noon, NATS confirmed: “We currently have a technical problem.”

Therefore, “traffic flow has been restricted to ensure safety,” according to UK air traffic control. We are working on finding the bug and fixing it. Nats stressed that the airspace is not closed, but there are restrictions. Therefore, as a traveler, you must check the flight status with your airline.

Many flights have been cancelled

However, the effect is significant. All scheduled flights into or out of UK airspace are affected. Many airlines have canceled flights to the UK. Lufthansa, Swiss and Austrian Airlines also canceled various flights to the island. Other flights are delayed. British Airways and EasyJet were particularly affected.

As of 3:45pm local time, 14% of all flights at London’s Heathrow Airport have been cancelled. 21 percent of flights were delayed. More than 500 flights to and from Great Britain have been cancelled.

A problem has been found

Shortly after 3:15 PM, NATS reported that the issue had been identified and fixed. But the consequences will be felt for some time.