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Carmen and Lupita share a body – only one has a boyfriend

Siamese twin

Carmen and Lupita share a body – only one has a boyfriend

Friday, April 28, 2023 | 10:41

Lupita (22) and Carmen (22) were born in Mexico and live in Connecticut, US. They are connected at the trunk and share the pelvis. with ”
The two recently talked about their daily lives and their partnership.

Carmen met her boyfriend, Daniel, on a dating platform in October 2020. She never hid that she was a conjoined twin, and therefore received many messages from men who had crumbs. With Daniel, I immediately realized that he was different from the others. The two have been a couple for two and a half years and have already talked about getting engaged. Carmen’s twin, Lupita, who is asexual, also gets along well with Daniel.

Can’t carry twins

Regarding living together as a threesome, Carmen admitted to Today that it is sometimes difficult because she wants to spend a lot of time with Daniel. But no problem for the dream team: Carmen and Lupita find compromises. For example, by Lupita specifying where the three go to eat. In regards to planning her family, Carmen explains that she and her boyfriend, Daniel, love children but are not going to have children. Conjoined twins suffer from endometriosis and are taking hormonal blockers due to the lack of them Loaded ability.

In an interview with the American broadcaster, Carmen revealed that at the end of a hard day she and Lupita might be exhausted and not want to talk to each other. At such moments, they give each other space. “I have my laptop on, Lupita puts on headphones and listens to music. We’ve connected our whole lives, so it’s not like we lose our independence,” says the 22-year-old.

Carmen and Lupita have similar clothing styles

On the other hand, Lupita explains that it would have been impossible to surgically separate her and Carmen anyway, because either of them would die or both would inevitably spend the rest of their lives in the intensive care unit. The twins say they have a similar style when it comes to clothes. Because of this, they like to wear the same clothes that their neighbor has been sewing for them for the past 17 years.


But there are still distinguishing features: They both have their own individual looks when it comes to their hair. Cups and piercings are also different. Carmen is the most talkative – this is also reflected in the answers. On the other hand, Lupita is very funny and secretly dreams of becoming a comedy writer.

“We are not just Siamese twins, we are human beings”

The Siamese twins have faced many challenges, but they still see themselves on the sunny side of life and value their freedom and opportunities very much. “We go to the cinema and concerts, here we share a seat and fly by plane. Last year we were in California, ”summarizes Carmen. The two also want to start exercising again. Before the pandemic, they were regulars at the gym. Carmen set herself the goal of 50 kilograms on the bench.

Twins can drive too. They each have two arms but only one leg. Since Carmen controls her right leg, she drives and Lupita is responsible for rhythms and navigation. They are also active on social media, sharing videos in hopes of normalizing conjoined twins. “One must not forget: we are not just Siamese twins, we are human beings,” emphasizes Carmen.

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