February 25, 2024

Canada: Mixed Race Boy Goes Viral TikTok Hit

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Dog Eti shows off his singing talent after three and a half years. © TikTok: kelseyamcewen

Mixed-breed dog Eddie has impressed not only his owner, Kelsey, but over two million TikTok users with his singing talent. As Kelsey tries to warm up her voice through singing exercises, she is suddenly surprised by her dog's amazing duet performance.

Canada – Kelsey McEwen stars as a meteorologist on the Canadian morning show “CTV Your Morning”. But he continues to provide insights into his life and work on social networks. With 1,671 followers, the Canadian isn't popular on TikTok, but he and his dog Eddie recently followed one of his videos. A viral hit.

Kelsey regularly shows videos of her work as a meteorologist on her channel. But on Sunday (February 4), the Canadian wanted to catch something different on tape. Kelsey, who often sets her sights on pursuing her passion for singing, films herself using her voice. Voice exercises It got hot.

But after the first notes it is interrupted by unexpected counter-noises. Mixed-race male Eddie immediately joins in and passionately demonstrates his singing skills. The owner writes that he has had the Yeti for the past three and a half years Never cried or whined. When Thunder, a slightly older dog in the McEwen household, showed little interest in her fellow dog's talents, Kelsey was so excited by her four-legged friend's new talent that she covered her face with her hands, laughing.

Already Over two million views And Eddie has so far received 538,000 likes on his song. “He'll show you how it's done!” One of the viewers writes in the comments. Others joke that they expect their own album to be released soon.

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Second straight win?

After the viral hit, Kelsey followed up with another video. As she presses the keys of a piano, Eddie again gives her insight into his newfound talent. Fits his mistress's musical instrument The man tries to hit the right notes. Kelsey says of the video: “I have one An adorable singing monster has been unleashed And love it!”.

Even though the second video has yet to hit more than 6,500 viral hits, Eddie and his owner can be proud of themselves and look forward to more from the singing dog from Canada.

Alexandra Bauer