May 21, 2024

Can you feel climate change? This installation visualizes science

Biersteker's works are created in collaboration with museums or institutions such as UNESCO and the World Health Organization. He presents TED Talks on using art to make science accessible to everyone. However, he was surprised when a request came from Ruinart. The French Champagne house gave him “carte blanche.” He and five other artists were allowed to create an installation on the theme “Conversations with Nature.” “It's unusual for us to work with companies,” Bierstecker says. But ultimately, the Dutch environmental artist and French champagne company have a related agenda. Since Champagne is a natural product, perfect Champagne can only be made on healthy soil. “Artists are the best ambassadors for nature conservation,” says Frédéric Dufour, president of Ruinart. “They are at the top of society and have strong language that appeals to different target groups.” In fact, Biersticker's work has succeeded in reaching a maximum of different target groups; His works are published in both donald duck– Manual as well as in new world published.

The tree aims to show the relationship between humans and plants.

Alice Jacquemin

He designed “Xylemia” for Ruinart: sensors record sap flow on the vines that wrap around the tree trunk and display it on a transparent rail in real time. By making the vital flows of tree sap visible, the artist shows the relationship between humans and plants. From September, the installation will be part of the “Ruinart Artists Park” in Reims; Before that, it will be on display at the end of April as part of the Berlin Fair Weekend.

What: Ruinart Maison 1729 – From Champagne vineyards to Berlin

when: From April 25 to April 29, 2024

where: In Tachelles in Berlin Mitte

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