July 12, 2024

Chinese astronauts return to Earth

Chinese astronauts return to Earth

back capsule

The return capsule of the manned spacecraft “Shenzhou 12” after landing. Photo: Ren Junchuan/XinHua/dpa

(Photo: dpa)

They spent a large part of their trip on the “Tiangong” space station which is currently under construction. The return capsule of the spaceship “Shenzhou 12” (the Magic Ship) has been slowed down by a large parachute and finally landed in the Gobi Desert in northern China, as evidenced by live images from state-run CCTV.

Astronauts Ni Haisheng, Liu Beoming and Tang Hongbo took off from Earth on June 17 and spent three months in space – a record for Chinese space travelers.

They spent a large part of their journey in the Tiangong (Heavenly Palace) space station currently under construction, which so far consists only of the Tianhe (Heavenly Harmony) module and is expected to be completed by 2022. Until then, China wants to introduce two modules Two more mills, each weighing 20 tons, are sent to space. The next crew is expected to depart for the new terminal in October. Before that, another cargo flight with the materials was planned for the next week.

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