April 25, 2024

Call of Duty returns to WW2 this year • Eurogamer.net

Call of Duty returns to WW2 this year • Eurogamer.net

This year, Call of Duty returns to WWII, according to new reports, some of which have been confirmed by Eurogamer.

A modern war zone According to reports, a new Call of Duty is being developed for this year at Sledgehammer Games, maker of Call of Duty: WW2 that was well received in 2017. Deployment is planned for the end of 2021. Eurogamer sources have stated that this is indeed the case.

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Modern Warzone has also stated that this game is codenamed Call of Duty WW2: Vanguard, and reports indicate that the name will be changed in the future. While that may indeed be the case, Eurogamer understands that Activision’s current plan is to stick to Vanguard subtitle for the final release.

Modern Warzone also stated that “the entire game is in an alternate timeline, since 1945 was not the end of World War II” and was set in the 1950s. Eurogamer understands that these details aren’t entirely accurate, and Vanguard has a traditional WW2 setup.

Call of Duty games tend to leak before they’re officially announced, and so is it Eurogamer she has Has been confirmed Call of duty Leaks In the everybody From The past five years. However, the main title this time is Call of Duty’s return to WWII. Vanguard will be the second installment of Call of Duty in WWII, which has been released over the past decade and is currently releasing after Modern Warfare. The Cold War is set in Black Ops in the 1980s.

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An open question is whether Vanguard should be integrated into Warzone. Black Ops Cold War was announced in Warzone, and its integration with Battle Royale, while fraught with major problems, increased sales of the Treyarch shooter.

Given that Warzone is set for a zombie-fueled nuclear disaster event in the near future that is set to herald a major change in the Verdansk 80s map, the question is: Is Warzone ready to change a second theme in the future as well as ready for world war?

However, Activision has not commented directly on the latest reports It confirmed its plans to launch the new Call of Duty game in the last quarter of 2021.

Activision CFO Dennis Dworkin said in February: “We will take advantage of Warzone upgrades throughout the year to premium content and increased investment in in-game players, and will have ample opportunity to migrate the community to Black Ops Cold War in addition to another planned strong mod release. The fourth of 2021.

Activision doesn’t seem to expect Call of Duty WW2: Vanguard to sell as many copies as possible, but rather Black Ops Cold War. “From our point of view, we are cautiously assuming that Call of Duty’s premium units are less than last year,” Durkin added.

Sledgehammer and Raven Software, the current custodian of Warzone, worked together on Call of Duty for 2020 before Treyarch led the development of Black Ops Cold War just two years after launching Black Ops 4. This broke Activision’s traditional three-year development cycle with Infinity Ward and Treyarch. And Sledgehammer. Of course, the massive popularity of Warzone changed the way Activision thinksHe now drives Call of Duty cartooning on PC and consoles.

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