October 3, 2023

Business travelers are alarmed by online facial recognition

© Ryanair

UK business travelers report constant ‘friction’ and ‘frustration’ when booking Ryanair flights via online booking tools or TMC. The reason is the airline’s controversial online check-in process, which requires facial recognition.

“The verification process poses challenges in terms of the traveler experience and possibly data security, depending on where the traveler’s verification data is stored,” said Kerry Douglas, program director at the Institute of Travel Management (ITM). Business travelers have concerns about the verification process.

According to the airline, the verification process is set up to prevent “unauthorized” online agents from selling flights and ancillary services at inflated prices. Therefore, customers who book through a third party have to go through the customer verification process and can opt for biometric verification or filling in a digital verification form.

According to its website, the airline’s facial recognition feature is powered in partnership with GetID. Passengers who have not completed the online verification process must complete check-in at the airport for a fee of GBP 55.

(business travel advice)

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