June 21, 2024

Britain and NATO exercise state of emergency in Estonia – EURACTIV.de

British Army’s Typhoon fighter jets and Apache helicopters completed training exercises off the coast of Estonia on Friday. More than 10,000 soldiers from 11 NATO countries are deployed.

The exercise is under the name Spring storm Known, hosted by Great Britain, Estonia and France. It “demonstrated the ability of the UK and its allies to deliver precision strikes while operating deep into enemy combat zones”.

“Exercise Spring Storm was an excellent opportunity to combine land, sea and air influences,” said Wing Commander Scott McCall, commander of the 140th Expeditionary Air Wing.

“Working with the Royal Navy and Army has enabled us to train highly skilled personnel while enhancing interoperability with a wide range of NATO allies,” he added.

This exercise came after Exercise Spring Storm. This was the largest annual military exercise in which the UK-led eFP (Enhanced Forward Presence Battlegroup), made up of British and French forces, participated. The United Kingdom sent more than 1,500 troops.

According to the NATO statement, the presence of the forces ensures NATO’s presence along the country’s eastern borders, as the forces act as a “deterrent to any aggression on the borders of the alliance.”

Among the most recent actions carried out as part of the British-led deployment was the interception of Russian aircraft by British fighter jets.

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