February 25, 2024

Biden wins – DW – February 4, 2024

Everyone in the world thinks the same… Joe Biden While voting America He will continue as the President of the United States next November. But like the opposition Republicans, Biden's party is holding primaries these weeks.

This Saturday, two Democrats are running for president in the state of South Carolina. A bad result for Biden would have been a bad start to the election campaign in the race to enter the White House in Washington.

But the result is clear and the favorite is correspondingly confident: Joe Biden clearly won South Carolina. After most votes were counted, the 81-year-old US president received 96.4 percent of the vote.

Each of her competitors finished in the single digits: self-help book author Marianne Williamson got two percent. Congressman Dean Phillips 1.6 percent. Both were already far behind Biden in the polls.

A critical test of mood in the conservative South

The state of New Hampshire was already voted by Democrats. But Biden was not officially on the ballot. Due to a shift in the Democratic Party's election calendar, South Carolina's first real primary was seen as an important test of Biden's mettle.

Polling in West Columbia, South Carolina: Black voters traditionally key to DemocratsImage: Alison Joyce/AFP/Getty Images

The conservative southern state is home to many blacks, whose votes have traditionally been important to Democrats. Voter turnout was also eagerly awaited, allowing for conclusions to be drawn about Biden's support at the base. The state is generally considered a Republican stronghold.

Intra-party primary votes for 2020 Presidential Election was A clear victory in South Carolina Biden's campaign regained momentum after three losses. In 2024, the people of South Carolina will have made their decision again, and “I have no doubt that they put us on the path to win the presidency again — and defeat Donald Trump again,” Biden said after the vote.

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Worry about doubts about Biden's suitability

The US presidential election will be held on November 5. Incumbent Biden is practically already confirmed as the nominee among Democrats; He has no serious rivals. However, there are also doubts that the 81-year-old Biden is the right candidate. He is already the oldest president in US history.

Biden on Saturday urged people to get involved in the November election. There's a lot at stake in the election, Biden said. “Serious and dangerous voices” are being heard in the country – “led by Donald Trump”.

In the 2020 presidential election, Biden won against Trump, whose four-year tenure has been marked by chaos and scandal, and who has yet to recognize Biden's electoral victory.

Republican Trump in Nashua, New Hampshire (January 23): Nomination one step closerImage: Matt Rourke/AP/Image Alliance

Donald Trump He was one step closer to being nominated for the Republican nomination at the end of January: he Won in New Hampshire And he won there against his only remaining challenger, former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley. South Carolina's Republican primary takes place on February 24.

Anyone who wants to run for president in the United States must first win the internal party primaries. Candidates are officially selected at party conventions in the summer.

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