September 29, 2023

Basketball World Rankings: Germany’s Most Improved

And the world championship title with two consequences: Germany has recently become one of the absolute first countries in the basketball world rankings – and therefore is allowed to shoot at the goal wall in the ZDF.

World Champions for the first time: DBB selection at reception in Frankfurt am Main.

After the World Cup in the Far East, three countries are now in the top 10 of the basketball world rankings, led not by Spain but by the United States, who are fourth in the World Cup. World champions Germany moved up 8 places from eleventh to third. For the first time, the German Basketball Association and its men’s national team are among the top 3 in global basketball – at least as far as this ranking is concerned.

Canada and surprise team Latvia posted even bigger jumps. Thanks to the bronze medal, the North Americans moved up nine places to 15th to 6th, while the fifth-placed Latvians, who kept Germany on the brink of defeat, climbed 22 places to 30th to 8th.

The Greeks drop out of the top 10 – making South Sudan sit up and take notice

Vice-world champions Serbia improved from first to fifth, while the disappointing French (minus 4 to 9th) and Slovenians (minus 4 to 11) slipped. Greece (minus 5 to 14) was one of the tournament’s losers, no longer in the top 10.

If you look a little further down the FIBA ​​rankings, you’ll find another big win: South Sudan was there for the first time and had wins over China, the host Philippines and Angola – and the reward was a big move up 32 places to 31st in the world rankings.

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World Champions visit the “Sports Studio”.

Meanwhile, the world champions can be seen again on German television this weekend. “Aktuelle Sportstudio” welcomes head coach Gordon Herbert and players Isaac Bonga, Niels Kiffie, Justus Holatz, Johannes Thiemann, captain Dennis Schröder, Johannes Voigtmann and Franz and Moritz Wagner to the ZDF studio in ZDF. The telecast starts at 11:30 pm on Saturday. The broadcaster did not reveal in its press release which world champions were allowed to shoot at the famous goal wall.