Athletes swear by this alternative

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However, oats are not good for everyone. Although the cereal is naturally gluten-free, Cultivation and processing of oats for oatmeal But over and over again in many places to Cross-contamination with cereals containing gluten. Along with avenin, oats also contain a protein that is chemically similar to gluten. If you have a gluten intolerance, then you should also be careful with oats from time to time.

The good news: there with Rice flakes are a completely gluten-free oatmeal alternative. And they really have it all. Rice chips contain 1.8g of unsaturated fatty acids per 100g, 2.2g of fiber, about 8g of protein and 74g of carbohydrates. especially complex carbohydrates Make rice flakes a real treat, as they are metabolized in the digestive tract. This provides us with energy for a long time, filling us up and preventing cravings. The carbohydrates also give the chips their wonderful natural sweetness.

Athletes swear by rice chips

Rice crackers are a much sought-after snack for athletes because complex carbohydrates provide energy for a very long time. This triggers rice porridge, rice porridge, or flaky rice pudding at two points in the exercise: Either A pre-workout energy booster or as a meal in after workoutto spend energy reserves After an intense workout why not.

Because rice flakes are lower in calories and fat than oat flakes, figure-conscious fitness enthusiasts in particular swear by the flakes.

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