June 24, 2024

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During the German-Chinese consultations Germany drew heavy criticism for its very reluctant behavior. Dennis J. Snover Germany sees a problem here: the country is in a strong position and in the center of Europe. On the other hand, many countries will look at Germany Real weaknesses want

Inadequate processing of Diesel scams Took a lot of faith. And “Germany is still there China and other increasingly pessimistic states,” says the American economist in an interview. Long, long-serving president Institute for the World Economy (IfW) hinge and founder Global Solutions Initiative, Driven by Germany, Europe must unite A new basic digital system to give Science must also change.

from Three and a half years There is an agency for that Leap innovations, Sprint. After a fierce struggle, a law is coming soon that will allow her to operate freely. First time Interim balance, we find My co-worker Anne Bruning Reports on current projects and new projects. Uwe Kantner, Chairman Expert Commission on Research and Innovation (EFI) has submitted a draft for the same Freedom Act Closer – and makes some recommendations for improvement.

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Dennis Snower: Made in Germany is at risk

Dennis J. Snover: “Democracy will not tolerate anyone saying up front that I know better than you.”

He says Germany is too strong Tennis Snower – Still. It is at the heart of Europe and “Europe is a very important part Future World Orderif you want to believe in democracy and the rule of law”. On the other hand, many countries look to Germany Real weaknesses want “Germany still exists Always dependent on China and other countriesIncreasingly pessimistic. Germany continues to drive an export economy for once manufactured goods Robot, Information And Artificial intelligence Determine more and more the really profitable business.”

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As a result, Germany faces Big challenge. It must overcome its weaknesses To make sense And to play a useful role in the world.

Germany relies on its reputation – but handles it badly

The EconomistHe had recently – and as he explained himself – developed into a decisive pioneer in his field under the influence of his wife, who was studying psychotherapy, Brand “Made in Germany” Endangered: The Diesel scam leading to a clear breach of trust, which was not adequately enforced. This needs to be done very quickly and seriously to make it clear that something like this is completely unacceptable.

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