June 21, 2024

Finally we see again!

(Motorsport-Total.com) – Alexander Alban was the big surprise in the Formula 1 race in Canada and scored six important points for the Williams team in seventh place. He is happy that his and his teammates’ achievements are finally being recognised. “It’s because we go under the radar that a lot of the good races go unnoticed,” he says.

Alexander Alban was able to focus on himself in Canada

Alban knows that a good run in twelfth place doesn’t really interest people and isn’t something you see on TV very often. In Canada it was different. There, Thailand rode a strong seventh, holding off Esteban Ocon’s Alpine for a long time.

TV directors also recognized this: “Whenever I look at the screen, we can see, it’s good,” he says happily.

So all the fans could see was Williams progressing. Because, according to Alban, everyone will only talk about Aston Martin and their progress, Williams also took a good step – and thanks to the improvement on the mother car.

This can also be seen in the numbers: the racing team is already one point short of the entire 2022 season.

Williams is on the right track

While there were still some disappointing results, he says, like Alban’s 16th-place finish in Barcelona, ​​”if you compare, they were a lot more competitive than last year.” So I am very positive about the team.

In Canada, Alphonse was surprised when he suddenly set the fastest time in Q2 on Saturday. Of course, he knows it took a lot for him and the team to get there, “but it’s great to get results like this. It’s great to give the team energy and see this positive attitude.”

Thai sees Williams on the right track, even as she says: “I feel like we’ve got a few more years.”

Another good result in Austria?

However, the immediate future is Austria, and Williams is traveling in good spirits after the win in Canada and doesn’t see herself without opportunity: “I think Austria should be a good route for us,” says Alban.

Spielberg has long curves, but at least he has good composition along the way. What is the gain for Williams? “We’ll see,” Alban says, “but certainly we’ll be better than we were before the new batch.”