June 17, 2024

According to Fler - ex-rapper EGJ says Bushido wants to move to Canada

According to Fler – ex-rapper EGJ says Bushido wants to move to Canada

(From © Marco Ferch / CC 2.0)

Feller’s new album “Widder” will be released in a few weeks. A few months later, he will follow Bushido’s solo album again. Usually this means that the beef season is back and both sides are shooting the other. An album by both of them without anatomy of each other was almost unthinkable in recent years.


This made Flair’s peace offer for Bushido all the more surprising. In a live broadcast, the masculine president speaks directly to his childhood friend and explains that he no longer wants to declare war, but only wants peace:

“Anees Bro, make a point. (…) Here is my show. My peace show. I know your album will be released at the end of the year anyway and then you are going to Canada and you should get it too, because you probably won’t be able to wander around here without Police protection anyway. (…)

Baba Saad told me the same thing on the phone. Bushido is lonely at the moment, he’s now under police protection and he still wants it, and he still wants to be crazy. (…) and that wasn’t a bad advertisement. I’m giving you the peace offer here. Peace offer. Hello. We want peace! Peace of mind! We will never be friends again – we don’t need to, it’s over. But this is really a peace offer.


The main focus of Flair’s statement is to offer peace to his archenemy. As most of you may have noticed, I have dropped an unimportant piece of information into it. The 38-year-old claims that Bushido planned to immigrate to Canada after his next album because his police protection was running out.

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This statement is now supported by former rapper EGJ. Bas Sultan Hengzt posted the slogan “Ersguterkanadier” on Facebook a few minutes ago. He’s clearly alluding to his former brand name, as well as to bushido emigration rumors.

Here you can see the post