September 30, 2023

Application: This is how you know how much salary you get

Only 20% of German companies provide specific salary information in job advertisements.

According to an analysis by Indeed, 20 percent of job ads in Germany contain specific salary information.

Despite new EU regulations on wage transparency, Germany lags far behind its neighboring countries.

Chemical engineering, warehousing, and manufacturing jobs are most likely to include salary information, while medical, banking, finance, and software engineering jobs are the least transparent.

The issue of equal pay for women and men has been a topic of political interest for decades. To close the wage gap, the Council of the European Union introduced new wage transparency rules in April 2023. This aims to take measures to combat wage and salary discrimination even before an application is submitted, for example through disclosure requirements. However, a new analysis by job platform Indeed shows that Germany lags far behind its European neighbors.

According to this, only 20 percent of job advertisements in this country contain specific salary information. Germany lags far behind other European countries. In the Netherlands, employers list their salaries in 48 percent of their job advertisements, compared to 72 percent in the UK. For the analysis, Indeed Hiring Lab compared job postings in Germany, France, Great Britain and the Netherlands between January 2019 and March 2023.

However, data from Indeed shows that German employers – like other European countries – are becoming more transparent about their salaries. In 2019, for example, there wasn’t any salary breakdown in German job postings on Indeed.

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