Annual Review: Did the weather break a record in 2022? | science

Will the weather break a record in 2022? The German Weather Service (DWD) presented its provisional annual balance sheet this afternoon. An evaluation of nearly 2,000 measuring stations in Germany will show how temperatures, precipitation and hours of sunshine compare to previous years.

Just a few weeks ago, meteorologists suspected that 2022 could be the warmest year on record, after the first eleven months were swelteringly hot. However, the cold snap in December can lower the overall temperature result. However, there is a lot to suggest that 2022 may have been very warm and very dry again.

2021 was already the eleventh year in a row that it was too warm. It remains to be seen what position 2022 will take among the “leaders”.

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The fall of 2022 was the third warmest on record. The summer of 2022 was the sunniest, sixth driest and one of four warmest since records began in Germany. In addition, since 1881, the period from January to November 22 has never been warm in Germany.

For many people, there was no question of “nice” weather, despite plenty of sunshine: heat records in northern Germany up to the coast, historical drought in the west, low water levels and dry rivers, many forest fires, as well as rain. Floods in the area will occur in the summer of 2022.

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