July 17, 2024

Annecy FR: Residents attacked by crows

Annecy FR: Residents attacked by crows

Annecy (f)

Because of the crows, she wears two hats and takes a flyswatter with her

For about ten days, crows have been attacking residents in the Annecy region of France. Several people were injured.


Over the past ten days, crows have attacked a number of residents in a neighborhood in the city of Annecy (west).


  • In the Annecy region of France, crows regularly attack people for just over a week.

  • It also affected the residents of the nursing home.

  • Attacks are scary, and some are now taking precautions before going outside.

In Annecy, France, there have been repeated mass attacks on residents of a particular area over the past 10 days. People are afraid because many of them are already infected. The attacks are concentrated on Chambery Street. There you can currently see many nests in the trees.

The newspaper “Le Dauphine” spoke to residents of a home for the elderly. Many of them became victims of attacks. “He went so hard at me and plucked my skull,” says Andre, a resident. She didn’t understand what had happened and bled. Her wounds were treated at a pharmacy, after which she was able to go home.

“I’m really scared”

82-year-old Marie-Claude Lemasson was hit hardest. She told the newspaper that she had actually been attacked twice. She also says she sustained head injuries from the attack. I resisted and then felt the pain for several days.

She is now taking some precautions before going out. The 82-year-old wears two big hats and takes a fly swatter with her. “I’m ashamed to say it, but I’m really scared,” says Marie-Claude.

Denise Barrett’s 92-year-old sister was also attacked. She wanted to visit me on Wednesday and she was attacked out of nowhere. She was hit hard on the head from behind and then felt a hard blow on her cheeks.”

“They can gouge out our eyes.”

The fact that crows are present in the infected area is nothing new. But the current frequent attacks on people have never happened before. The reason for its occurrence is still not clear.

It is important for the population that the authorities react and do something. “It is not normal for birds to attack you in the middle of the city. You can gouge out our eyes. The city must ensure the protection and safety of its residents, ”emphasizes the pensioner.

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