June 14, 2024

Hasaballah was arrested in his home country


The arrest of social media star Hasibullah in his home country

Hasbulla has over eight million followers on Instagram alone. He appears frequently on social media with world stars like Mark Wahlberg or Mike Tyson. Now he has been arrested.


Haspola regularly travels to the United States as a UFC ambassador.

Hasbulla Twitter

  • Hasbulla Magomedov is an Internet star.

  • The 20-year-old from Dagestan has now been detained with his friends.

  • After a wedding, they are said to have committed several traffic violations.

Hasbulla Magomedov has become an Internet phenomenon in recent years. His videos continue to become world famous memes. 20 years of Russian Republic of Dagestan He has millions of followers on his social media channels. Hasbulla is also a UFC ambassador. Now, the police in Dagestan have reportedly arrested Hasbula and some of his friends for violating traffic rules.

According to the internal authorities of Dagestan, Hasbula and his friends took the car out into the street after a wedding ceremony and obstructed other drivers. The group is arrested and charged with misdemeanours. Hasbulla in his social media videos always likes to show himself with fast cars. Traffic violations can often be seen there as well.

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The 20-year-old and his friends crossed a major road to transport donuts. Hasibullah apologized for the incident on social media. He promised not to do it again and confirmed that he was not the driver. “This will not happen again guys, we apologize,” he wrote, according to the tweet. “We had to stand up for it a little bit. I wasn’t driving either.”

Dagestan’s Ministry of Interior issued a statement saying that donuts and blocking roads at wedding celebrations are common in the country.

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