July 15, 2024

An additional rule for Papablade and Reese – the company team is enthusiastic about the idea

An additional rule for Papablade and Reese – the company team is enthusiastic about the idea

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The 7 vs. Wild contestants are heading to Canada soon. However, Papablut and Rees were able to negotiate a deal with Fritz Meineck’s group.

Cologne – 7 vs. Wild contestants will soon be heading to the wilds of Canada. Both teams then have to survive with the contents of their bottles. In addition to their survival gear, each group still has camera equipment to carry with them. But that’s not all for Papablot and Reese, the two streamers managed to strike an amazing deal with the organizers.

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7 vs. Wild: Papablade and Reese with extra equipment

It comes with: Papablud talks to Dave about participating in the collaborative cooking stream 7 vs. Wild. A former participant and author of the Best Survivor series, he says that by chance, he and Reese were able to get a small change in the rules from the organizers. Because both streamers can use their time to record an episode of their podcast “Edeltalk” in Canada.

We are always in conversation with Max and Johannes about whether we can record a podcast. We get an additional SD card with it. While we’re at 7 vs. Wild we’re allowed to record a special episode from Wilderness, which we can use time and energy to create on site.

He says it will bring new listeners to his podcast, and 7 vs. Papablot also believes that Wild can benefit from registrations. Of course, the episode can only go online once the relevant footage of the show airs. Dave is excited by the idea.

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7 vs. Wild: Popblade and Reese with special permission – rule change for streamers © imago / unsplash / 7 vs. Wild (montage)

It also removes initial concerns about time pressure from the former participant streamer. “If you don’t have your phone handy and there’s no other entertainment, the days are very long. You have a lot of time to think and chat. A much bigger problem may actually be power reserves, which Papaplate himself predicts. However, not everyone is optimistic about the rule change. In survival bubble, 7 vs. There is always criticism for streamer participation in Wild.

7 vs. Wild: Boblot and Reese’s wilds are the biggest problem

Issue: Papablot and Reese are undaunted by the criticism of their participation in 7 vs. Wild. Instead, it gives streamers even more incentive to show haters the right way. Nossi also had to face a lot of criticism at the start of the second season, but ultimately convinced all fans of the opposite. However, something completely different becomes a problem for Papablot, and that is the search for food.

“If the fishing doesn’t go well, I think we’ll be out on day 7. I think maybe seven or eight days without eating. A streamer cannot assess whether sufficient food is available through other items such as mushrooms or berries. But Papablud and Reese are still looking forward to the survival test.