April 22, 2024

American stars are not in Berlin: Bill Kaulitz misses Ryan Gosling at the premiere of the film “Barbie”.

US stars are not in Berlin
Bill Kaulitz misses Ryan Gosling at Barbie premiere

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Bill Kaulitz really wants to spend time with American star Ryan Gosling at the premiere of the film “Barbie” in Berlin. But no result is achieved: the strike of Hollywood actors thwarts the German's plans. Kaulitz isn't completely disappointed — he “likes” the movie, after all.

Neither Margot Robbie nor Ryan Gosling: “Tokyo Hotel” singer Bill Kaulitz was disappointed by the absence of the main cast from the premiere of “Barbie” at the Berlinale Palace. “I dressed especially for Ryan,” Kaulitz said at the event, where a pink carpet was laid out to match the occasion.

“The plan was that we actually wanted to film Tiktoks together all day and I was thinking a lot about how I was going to get Ryan to walk around today,” the 33-year-old joked. Due to an actors' strike in the USA, lead actors Gosling and Robbie did not attend the premiere in Germany as originally planned. The strike is binding on American parties.

Kaulitz, who has lived in Los Angeles with his brother Tom since 2010, had already seen the film. “I just love him,” Kaulitz said. “This is a film about very contemporary themes, such as equality and the status of women as well as the status of men.” The film is very emotional, about freedom and finding oneself, and has an incredibly modern cast.

Greta Gerwig's “Barbie” tells the story of the iconic Barbie doll, played by Robbie (“I, Tonya”) and Ken (Gosling), who find happiness in the colorful, seemingly perfect world of Barbieland. But then they are transported to the real world – and the adventure begins. The comedy is the first film adaptation with real actors. Barbie doll has only appeared in animated films, never in a full movie with real actors. Barbie can be seen in Germany from July 20.

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