July 17, 2024

All sports news from the Basel region

All sports news from the Basel region

8:13 p.m

300 Children and Youth and Mujinga Kambundji in the Cantonal Sprint Final

Under the guidance of expert Mujinga Kambunji, 300 children and youths competed in various sprint disciplines as part of the cantonal sprint finals in Binningen on Sunday afternoon. The category winners advanced to the final tournament in Freiburg.

Boys qualified: Jonas Högli (80m M15, SC Liestal), Leonhard Herrlich (80m M14, LC Therwil), Nino Niederhauser (60m M13, LV FrenkeFortuna),
Finn Gutzweiler (60m M12, LC Therwil), Jonah Jacquemai (60m M11, Laufental Thierstein Athletics), Carl Duss (60m M10, LC Therwil), Dario Eberg (50m M9, no club), Zuri Metzger (50m M8, LC Therwil) and Gabriel Sack (50m M7, no club).

Girls qualified: Alice Konkoli (80m W15, TV Muttenz Athletics), Lilly Isenegger (80m W14, SC Liestal), Anoka Balde (60m W13, LC Therwil), Alina Baumgartner (60m W12, LC Therwil), Marisa De Alicia Spittler (60m W11, LV FrenkeFortuna), Flurina Suhr (60m W10, LC Therwil), Sophie Herzog (50m W9, LC Therwil), Noemi Gutekunst (50m W8, no club) and Samantha Brodard (50m W7, L.C. Therwil).

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