June 21, 2024

After the deal: Prince Charles pays Andrews compensation

After the deal: Prince Charles pays Andrews compensation

rushes to help him! Prince Andrew (62) was finally able to reach an agreement with the plaintiff, Virginia Joffrey. In fact, King should go to court and defend himself against allegations of sexual abuse, but instead he and the California citizen agreed to the comparison. This is said to be in the millions. Now it looks like Prince Charles (73) will pay the reparations!

how the sun She mentioned, that the Prince of Wales will pay a large sum of money of about 8.5 million euros because his brother cannot pay it. With the help of a loan, the 73-year-old wants to restore the family’s honor. Queen Elizabeth II (95) is also supposed to contribute a small portion. It was also said that heir to the UK throne, Andrew, asked for the comparison last month. You now have ten days to make the payment.

Support should bring relief to Andrew! The Duke of York plans to sell his ski chalet in Switzerland to use the proceeds to pay off the debts of his brother and mother, according to the source. If he fails to return the amounts, he will obviously lose money from the Queen’s will.

Prince Andrew and Prince Charles in June 2006
Prince Andrew and the Queen in January 2020
Prince Andrew in April 2021
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