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ADAC Expert Series ‘Time to Move’: 120 representatives from politics, business, and…

ADAC Expert Series ‘Time to Move’: 120 representatives from politics, business, and…

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Increased passenger flows, increased delivery traffic, more and more cars and the desire to provide more space for cyclists pose significant challenges to municipalities. Above all, the growing shortage of parking is causing problems for city officials and residents.

On Wednesday, June 8, as part of the National Expert Series “Time to act!” He presented the results of his parking study to about 120 representatives of politics, business and science.

Invited by the ADAC regional clubs of Hesse-Thuringia, Central Rhine, Palatinate and Saarland, experts at the NH Hotel in Bingen discussed different solutions from the perspective of cars, motorbikes, motorcyclists and mobile home drivers.

Confirmed by Professor Dr. Peter König, Director of Traffic and Technology at ADAC Mittelrhein, at the start of the event.

Next, Ronald Winkler, ADAC’s city traffic specialist, presented the results of the ADAC survey. Accordingly, 30 percent of inner-city residents who own a car complain of not enough parking spaces, long searches for parking spaces, and high parking fees. Half of cyclists miss parking spaces in inner cities, and four out of ten criticize the lack of weather protection there.

The Munich traffic expert reports that “the majority of respondents reject planned parking fee increases in many places without creating more parking spaces. The same applies to the replacement of parking spaces in favor of bike paths or bus lanes.”

With the increasing shortage of parking spaces on public streets, ADAC believes that it is important to use the available spaces more flexibly and effectively through the management of parking spaces and with the help of digitization. Loss of parking spaces due to land transfers can only be accepted if replacement parking spaces are established near where people live.

Traffic planner Ivan Kosarev (engineering office LK Argus) introduced the concepts of parking space management using the example of the cities of Berlin, Dusseldorf and Cologne. The concepts are based on a comprehensive analysis of the city’s parking situation, assessment of parking regulation tools and recommendations for forward-looking practice at the city level. In addition to the reallocation of spaces, parking space management is one of the most important tools.

“Making parking spaces more affordable – this does not solve any conflicts. We need forward-looking concepts that symbolize safe mobility and rely on more cooperation between road users rather than each other,” Kosarev stressed. Effective parking management requires clear parking, resources and communication. “Parking space concepts can only be successfully implemented if the measures have broad public approval,” Kosarev says.

Wolfgang Buhle (Planungsgemeinschaft Verkehr – PGV-Alrutz GbR), Lukas Hartmann (Stadtlandau/Pfalz), Professor Dr. Petra Schaefer (Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences) and Gerd Siber (Bundesverband Paket und Expresslogistik eV). Topics ranged from the blanket digitization of parking using apps, data, and services to nested loading areas for logistics transport and individual parking concepts for cyclists and residents.

“It is time to move on to meet the challenges facing society as a whole. In order to successfully shape the future of transport, the innovation potential of our state must be used,” emphasized Michael Buchel of the Rhineland-Palatinate Ministry of Transport.

“Lectures and discussions have shown one thing: we have to rethink the parking lot and try new things in the course of experiments. Parking space management can only be successful if it becomes understandable to the population as part of an overall concept of urban traffic. There, said Professor Dr. Peter King in the front.

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