June 16, 2024

About chickens, mice and people: why men cheat

About chickens, mice and people: why men cheat

Cheating: men and women are different

There are clear differences between the sexes, as determined by the dating service. Apparently, women cheat mainly for emotional reasons. For example, because they no longer feel happy in their partnership. On the other hand, men primarily look for sexual diversity.

“Sexual attraction to the novelty is more pronounced in men, and sexual attraction is more often the motive for cheating than in women,” says Lisa Fischbach, MD, qualified psychologist from ElitePartner. But why can’t so many men resist the allure of the new?

One possible answer comes from an anecdote about a former US president. Calvin Coolidge (1872-1933) visited a chicken farm with his wife. Surprised that there was only one rooster in the barn, the first lady wanted to know how many eggs could be produced in this way.

She was told that rooster mates several times a day. “Tell my husband,” replied the president’s wife dryly. But Mr Coolidge wasn’t flabby either: “The same chicken every time?” He wanted to know. The farmer replied, “No.” “Every time is different,” replied the chief, “say that to my wife.”

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